Give Voice to Your Practice


Hi All!
Trying to gain insight into ways we can improve yoga from student and teacher side. Please answer these questions :slight_smile:


  1. how difficult is it to keep students coming back to your classes? What works, what doesn’t?
  2. how difficult is it to bring in new students? What are you doing now to bring in new students? What is effective? What isn’t?
  3. what unites people that come to your classes? Is there a community built around your brand? Do you have a brand that includes your yoga practice? What else is included?


  1. what makes you loyal to a specific instructor?
  2. what is the most important factor in picking a class?
  3. do you wish you had better communication about class adds and cancelations?
  4. do you wish you had more contact with your instructor outside of class? Do you wish you were more involved with yoga community?

Thank you :heart:


I have something to tell you- Yoga is free of charge. Only a Guru can teach yoga, a liberated sage.
Yoga is not a sport. Yoga came from sanskrite word yuj mean union and his goal is liberation from reincarnation cycles and attain Divinity. Yoga is for life, not for few months.
To practice yoga is to live it daily, to have vegetarian died, keep celibacy and have pure mind and thoughts
Yoga is for all people, but not all can follow this path.


Calm yourself. Do not respond to threads simply to chastise and be self-righteous. That is not the way.