Good Padded Mat?

Hey all, thought I’d ask the “experts” here. I hate my sticky mat, it’s too hard on the hands and knees. So I’m looking for a good padded mat, or something with extra cushioning.

Anybody have any mats they wear by? I don’t want to pay a fortune but I know I really need padding!

Manduka makes a thick well padded mat. However, the full size mat is 10 pounds, so it’s not so easy to take to class. It is, however, pretty much indestructible. They make a lighter, less thick “travel mat” that may suit your needs if the heavy full size mat seems like too much.

The question is “what is the thickness of your current mat?”. If it’s a travel mat it’s very thin. If it’s a “normal” mat then it’s likely 1/8". You can shop around for mats that are 1/4" thick and those will give you added padding/comfort but of course the thicker the mat the heavier.

You may find this suitable for your needs.

Hey thanks all! Right now I have a very thin traditional sticky mat and I end up using a blanket half the time under my hands and knees which is annoying.

I will definitely check these out. Thanks for the help!

I often use two traditional sticky mats on top of each other.

I love my Jade Fusion mat for the reason it is extremely padded and thick at 5/16" also sticky and i never need extra towels or anything even in hot vinyasa. It is rubber and recyclable or biodegradable. I never have joint pain because it is so cushy! Love it! I have used it for 4-5 years almost daily and it has held up and has remained sticky and padded.

Manduka makes great mats of all thicknesses and densities! They’re a little pricey but they really last.
-Anne (yoga in NYC and the beautiful Hudson Valley )

It may be worth asking an experienced teacher about your alignment particularly regarding the wrists and hands. Incorrect alignment of hands/wrists/arms can cause discomfort and possibly lead you to believe that the discomfort is due to the hardness of the surface.

A too soft, too padded mat can lead to incorrect wrist/hand alignment and end up causing more harm. A very padded mat can also be unhelpful in standing asanas.

I regularly practice on a wooden floor without a mat and have no problems at all…although it can be slightly uncomfortable if my knees are weight bearing on the floor…but no issues at all with weight bearing on hands directly on the wood surface.

Traditional yoga mats have are very uncomfortable, it will take time before you get used to it. You can try the standard sticky mats made of PVC or latex for the meantime if you’re not that concerned on being eco-friendly. Not that eco-friendly mats can’t be comfortable-you’ll be surprised by some brands such as the Jade Travel mat or the mat mentioned by chezron, Jade Fusion.

If you’re looking for a more affordable yoga mat I’d recommed looking at what Gaiam has. Personally loved the Flower of Life Yoga mat I purchased when I was still starting out. You can also try out Manduka mats like what most users suggest. The starting price on that website last time I checked was about $40 up.