Good VS Evil

To believe that some people need to be forced or lured or convinced or encouraged or threatened to agree with our religious beliefs and dogmas has been and will always be the cause of the instability of this world - Jayaram V

In Hinduism intolerance towards evil is fully justified. No one should compromise with evil. No one should surrender to evil and no one should tolerate evil. This is the central message of the Bhagavadgita, the two epics and many stories from the Puranas. Traditionally, Hinduism recognizes only two paths: good (dharma) and evil (adharma). The good is represented by the gods and reflected in the knowledge of the Vedas.[B]The evil is represented by the demons and reflected in their philosophy of cruelty, selfishness and violence[/B]. Both refer to two distinct lifestyles, worldviews and philosophies with diametrically opposite consequences for those who practice them. The gods live and serve the purpose of creation as their obligatory duty. They help others selflessly. The demons live for themselves and serve themselves. They oppress others with cruelty for control and dominance. In their worldview, the body is the Self and it is perfectly justified to disobey God and live entirely for one’s own ends without any consideration for others.

It seems impossible for judgments be evil/divine, good/bad, right/wrong etc./etc. since judgments are based on likes/dislikes of the human mind; 7,000,000,000 human minds all with varying likes/dislikes simply programed from cause and effect, a judgment of mine.

In the grand scheme of the universe there is no true good or evil. There is only joy and love.

Good and evil are moot.

By that, I’m not sure actually what objective or subjective morality means.

Morality isn’t some physical law like gravity. And as humans developed morality, then it’s inherently based on our own development and interactions. Perhaps then emotivism as a theory is true, but even if it were, so what? We’re not strictly rational/logical beings, and use feelings/emotions in as valid a means as logic.

the classic argument is that this allows atrocities to be valid. However, i’d still say that objectivity in this case is difficult to define.

Evil actions are those which are based on a narrow selfishness, the delusion that our lives are fundamentally disconnected from those of others and that we can benefit at their expense. Evil views life as a means to be expended, not an end in itself. Good is that which generates connection between ourselves and others, healing and restoring the bonds among human societies.

In the end evil or not does not matter. But if you want to stop your own suffering by creating more karma its better to follow good than evil.

"Monks! There are three root causes of kamma. What are the three? They are greed … hatred … delusion …
"Whatever kamma is performed out of greed … hatred … delusion, is born from greed … hatred … delusion, has greed … hatred … delusion as its root and as its cause, that kamma is unskillful, that kamma is harmful, that kamma has suffering as a result, that kamma brings about the creation of more kamma, not the cessation of kamma.
"Monks! There are these three root causes of kamma. What are the three? They are non-greed … non-hatred … non-delusion …
“Whatever kamma is performed out of non-greed … non-hatred … non-delusion, is born of non-greed … non-hatred … non-delusion, has non-greed … non-hatred … non-delusion as its root and its cause, that kamma is skillful, that kamma is not harmful, that kamma has happiness as a result, that kamma brings about the cessation of kamma, not the creation of more kamma …”[17]

Yes, I would agree that "evil" is related to the lie that keeps us believing and acting as if we have no connection, as if we ar not fundamentally one.

The word good has many meanings. Some of them include moral, welcoming, pleasing, correct, appropriate, having high standards and decent. Evil is the exact opposite of good. This word can be simply defined as harmful, wicked or immoral. Cruelty, unkindness, selfishness, greed, sin, and callousness are some of the qualities of evil.