Wheat, grains, carbs, and sugar are nowadays bad for your health.

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I know from direct experience trial and error that most grains, dairy, sugar do not agree with my human apparatus, there are logical theories as to why this may be, but it does not matter. When I absorb grains, dairy, sugar life becomes difficult. I consciously avoid dairy and wheat but have not eliminated the others entirely, when symptoms flair I take them out and feel better within days; certain times of the year determine sensitivity, it seems to be an allergy/intolerance condition. I do not find the same problem other carbs such as potato/rice.

Grains can be very harmful for people who generally live a very sedentary life. For those who exercise several times a week, grains can be extremely beneficial part of getting the energy we need to perform the way we want.

That being said people didn’t evolve to sit around and eat wheat all day long. They evolved to hunt and cook meat. They evolved to gather fruit, vegetables and nuts as well. We could all eat more lean meat, fruit and nuts. This would greatly increase our health and life expectancy.

Theories are worthless, pure science of trial and error is precious?the proof is in the pudding