Great yoga products


any 1 no a good site for them


What kind are you looking for?


books, dvd’s im a beginner lol


amazon or just google them there are more sites and places to buy info on yoga than you have time or money to buy them.



You can buy only those products which is environmentally friendly, comfortable. Thanks!


For natural Yoga Mats check www gogreenware com


amazon is the best…used things are cheap…also you can go free; yogaforum, youtube and just google some stuff:)) I’ve accumulated sooo much books, dvds, etc…but almost everything is free for google search:)


There are lots of ebook about yoga on Internet. But is not the same when you practice with a teacher.


“the mat” made by lululemon! Grrreaat map. Greatest so far in my opinion, well worth the $70usd


Loving my Manduka mat – Black Pro – Lifetime guarantee – Awesome!


Check out Yoga Journal’s website or magazine, they offer lots of things for beginner’s from videos to equipment etc. I found them very helpful to me when I first started on my Yoga journey


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The books available in English from The Yoga Institute are probably the closest to the practice as it was originally taught from master to student while having been simplified for the western market although, it is also worth reading the Mahabharata to gain an understanding of Indus Valley culture,