Greetings from southern Ecuador

Hi, I joined this forum to learn more about yoga and to share a book I wrote which is about a very spiritually advanced master who lived in Seattle and his system of spiritual cultivation. this type of path is called the Spiritual Path of the Warrior, and at it's higher levels is called the Taoist Path of the Wizard (Magus), which is identical in every way to a very advanced and powerful yogi.

I was his student for eight years in Seattle, and this master was also Bruce Lee's uncle and main kung fu teacher. The practice in China is commonly called qigong, which is technically Taoist Yoga, and is sometimes referred to as that. It is an entirely meditational practice which consists of standing meditation poses, moving meditation, and sitting meditation, and the goal is to cultivate high levels of chi power (prana).

Anyway, I posted the advertisement for the book in the advertisement section.

I forgot to add, that the practice described is essentially the same as the one Babaji Nagaraj used to become an immortal. Not Kriya Yoga, which is what Babaji recommended for modern days and for the multitude, but the one he used for himself, to become an immortal. It is extremely rare, normally hidden, and very few people have the 'right stuff' to embark on such a fast path.