Greetings :)

I used to practice yoga every day, but have … over quite a few years … fallen out of practice.

I’d like to hop back on to that boat and get back to living a balanced life.

My life is a work in progress. I’m dealing with major depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Yoga had helped me deal with the symptoms, and made me feel better all together, and it wasn’t until the 2 year event that lead to my PTSD that I had stopped practicing.

On with it!

I’m ready to get on with it. 8)

I too have dealt with depression related to health, family, and work. Over the last 5 years I began a journey to improve my health. I guess you would call me a do it your self type of person. About 18 months ago I purchased my first beginners yoga dvd from Amazon. I have many different dvd’s now. I did have a 2 month setback last spring when I broke my right wrist and had a plate installed. I gradually got back into practice. Yoga and meditation keeps me grounded and sane. It is a very personal and private practice that I do for me. I have helped some friends at work, one with Multiple-Sclerosis, find a dvd that helps her. Others have noticed a difference in my physical and emotional outlook. Although, I do still have to battle some depression, yoga and meditation helps a lot.