Grounding - Dissipating Negative Thoughts - Balancing Left and Right Brain


In this post I've tried to add some of the things that you can do if you are experiencing a cloud of negative thoughts/emotions.

First of all check how is your breathing pattern. Is it shallow or long? Which nostril is more dominant- left or right?

When the left nostril is active then the right brain is active. And when the right nostril is active then the left brain is active. The right brain is music. The left brain is logic. So those who have right nostril active understand better.

If both are active you are in meditation. However if only the right nostril is active, no meditation happens.

Whenever we hold onto something (Desire, planning, sense of identity) we are into the left brain. Right brain is more about expansion, creativity, dropping the labels, identities etc.

If you are caught up in a cloud of negative thoughts/emotions, then most probably your right nostril (left brain) is more dominant. We need to switch to the right brain or make left nostril more active. We need to balance both the hemispheres i.e. left brain and right brain.

Here are things you can do to ground and balance:

  1. Keep or cross your left leg above your right leg (Do this lying down). Positioning the legs this way will make your left nostril and correspondingly right brain more active. Must do this whenever you are in fight or flight mode. Observe the image of NATARAJA and you'll understand what i am trying to say.

  2. MAHAMUDRA. Don't contract your abdominal muscles forcefully. Stretch naturally.

  3. Hamstring/Thigh stretches Don't miss this one.

  4. Work on your abdominal muscles. Do core strengthening exercises.

  5. Akash Mudra.

If you have any grounding issues, then this exercises are for you. You need to work more on core and lower halve of the body.