Has Anyone Succeeded in turning Grey Hair black with the help of yoga?


White hair can be caused by a lot of factors such as protein deficiency which in turn will result to melanin deficiency. If you’re a young one and you will practice yoga your grey hairs will definitely diminish.

However, aging is inevitable. You can also have melanin deficiency due to old age. Yoga is believed to slow down aging process, but it can never be stopped. Embrace your grey hairs and be proud of your age.


Right on, aging is inevitable. Even if one is able to slow down the natural process sooner or later the signs of aging begin to appear. All the nail rubbing and other superstitious nonsense will not turn grey hair back to black hair. Hair dye is a temporary fix. Try a wig if grey hair annoys you. Just a suggestion.


I was told that gray hairs
are a sign of wisdom.

Wear the gray hairs with pride


If you want to know what concerns people just watch the ads on TV. Fixing gray hair is right up there with getting hair transplants,developing a ripped steel body with rock hard abs, and amazing wrinkle removers.
All too usual it is about outward appearance.
Not much money to be made promoting inward beauty.


I’m 61 with no grey hair except in the beard I don’t have , I also have a lot of balding on top ( not the sides at all ). I’ve been standing on my head for decades maybe 4, I also get lots of good fat eg. walnuts etc. and eat apricots everyday. My mother did none of that and I may have her beat about the grey coming late but so far not by much. Like so many things for so many there’s a lot of genetics that can be enhanced comparatively little by practices. - probably- I don’t know - ask me again in 10 years


This is so interesting.


What can you do about it and accept it.
I’m 42, first I turned bald, then my beard became grey.
But let’s wear it with Grace and live your life healthy.


You could try doing the 5 Tibetan Rites. They are supposed to restore original hair colour.
Download The Eye of Revelation pdf. or watch YT videos.

But how reliable are they? I’ve been doing the rites for several years and at 68 I still have brown hair and not much grey, but I make no claims. The rites should take 6-10 minutes to perform and may be equivalent to doing over an hour of yoga.
You have to overcome the first rite which is a spinning exercise not suitable for everybody, so be careful.
Many claims have been made for the health benefits of these, and the person who discovered them, assumed to be Wilfred Malleson, lived to 80.


We’ve all learned through the years that a well-balanced diet is healthy for our body and critical for optimal health and performance. Our hair is no different. A mixture of protein, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and iron are all required for healthy, strong, colorful hair.
Good hair nutrition begins with getting enough protein, which is the building block of your hair. Then you need complex carbohydrates to help assemble the proteins for hair growth.
Other important vitamins and minerals include B complex, which is associated with energy production and building good hair and skin issues, folic acid, B12, and zinc.
Hair follicles can have low energy levels just like we do. Therefore, it’s very important that you eat a high protein mean at the start of each day.
Consider the following food choices for breakfast and the other daily meals in order to give you hair the healthiest opportunity to grow and thrive.
If you don’t have high cholesterol, try eating red meat twice per week.
It has the protein your hair needs, but also is full of B vitamins, iron and zinc, which are all important for healthy hair. Bacon is another great choice as it’s also full of B vitamins, zinc and protein, but since it’s also high calorie, it’s not the best choice if you’re also trying to lose weight.
Eggs and egg whites are another great protein option, especially for vegetarians or those who cannot eat red meat or bacon due to dietary restrictions.
Salmon is another great protein choice, and works great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
You’ll find it’s also full of B vitamins, including B12, and other vitamins and minerals.
Just be sure to keep in mind that you should also have complex carbohydrates, which feed you energy over a longer period of time than refined carbohydrates, with your protein source at meals. Brown short-grain rice is an ideal form. It’s also a good source of B vitamins and some fiber. Whole grain choices complement your protein consumption by helping organize the proteins for the hair to utilize for optimal growth and health.
The above are great for mainting healthy color of your hair. But what if your hair is turning gray prematurely? Not to worry, go to
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to find a great natural remedy that can actually REVERSE the gray in your hair.