Has anyone tried a Keto Diet before?


Hey y'all!

So I'm starting to do this Keto Diet 28-Challenge. At first I was a bit skeptical because some people said they couldn't follow through in other words they quit. However, I am currently on week 2 and so far so good! My body feels weird but in a good way. Maybe because I'm always eating junk food when I had the chance lol. But since starting this challenge and eating more healthier I noticed I lost a few pounds which wasn't a goal because I am 'fit' and happy with my body. Plus I recently finished the YogaBurnChallenge with my bestfriend and the results were great! I definitely suggest trying it out!

Anyways, has anyone tried a Keto Diet? If so, how did it work out for you. The Keto Diet that I am doing right now is working out so far so that's good news.


Hi, Caia!

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