Hatha Yoga's role in helping with anxiety

Continuing the discussion from Yoga & mental health recovery:

Yoga specifically Hatha Yoga has numerous health benefits. One of its key benefit is in positively impacting the nervous system of the body. I recently compiled Hatha Yoga health benefits specifically on the nervous system.

Studies on Hatha Yoga clearly demonstrate its benefits in helping with anxiety, depression and managing stress. I'll share conclusions from 2 studies below.

In a study conducted on 668 including 384 Yoga practitioners in 2021, it was found that yoga practitioners had significantly lower depression, anxiety, & stress (DASS), and higher general wellbeing (SWGB) as well as higher peace of mind (POMS) during the COVID lockdown.

Another systematic review of 17 studies totaling 501 participants has suggested Hatha yoga to be a promising method for treating anxiety

Hatha Yoga, with yoga poses (asanas), engages both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. It triggers both and trains your body to be in a state of calm, as well as action (when required).