Have you tried Delta-8 THC and Yoga?

Hi. I've started my new job as a social media manager at dojahemp.com a couple of months ago and they sell hemp-based products. If you're not familiar with delta 8 it's like diet-weed or weed-lite as it's not as intense and it feels more of an energetic high. I've been experimenting a lot with yoga and taking delta 8 THC before a class. I've never been much of a marijuana user but the effects of delta 8 THC gave me a euphoric buzz while doing my vinyasa asana. I feel a lot more clear-headed and it appears to improve my balance, pain threshold, and my overall focus. I just feel more at peace and started feeling a lot more relaxed.

Has anyone tried delta-8 or other CBD products while doing yoga? If so, how has it affected your performance and train of thought?