Headstand Inversion Table


Has anyone had experience with Feet Up/headstand inversion table? I am interested in buying one. I am in good shape, flexible and practice yoga, but have a concern and wonder what would happen in you fell sideways. Seems like you would break your neck with your head locked in to the bench! I sent a message to Feet Up consultant on fb messenger. Reply was that it's impossible to fall sideways and it wasn't totally safe. Any thoughts or ideas?



I have used inversion tables and personally I found them sturdy, supportive, and safe. They are easy to get used to and you simply go slow by shifting your weight incrementally. The best advice I can offer is to tip slowly for a reason you may not think of - your blood needs to gradually move. If you go fast you will not be able to ge upside down. If you go slow you can be inverted for a long time!