Health Benefits Of Sarvangasana


How To Do Sarvangasana And What Are Its Health Benefits
With Yoga our body remains healthy and healthy, but it is not possible for everyone to do every posture. Today, I am giving you information about such an asana, which everyone can easily do, and get the benefit of it. The name of that seat is "Sarvangasana".Sarvangasana affects our entire body, so it is known as Sarvangasana. Remove the diseases of the cosmic body. Paradise feels like this; Asana destroys poisonous elements living inside the body, it enhances the power of life. The more benefits come from the headship, the more benefit we get from the all-rounder. In yoga, after the heading, there is a place for "Sarvangasana". This seat also helps in the awakening of Kundalini Shakti. It is necessary to know the correct method to get benefits of Sarvangasana.
How to do Sarvangasana -
Choose a clean and airy place to do all-round, to help your mind concentrate. First of all, lay the mat on the ground and lie down on the back, mixing your legs together and keeping them straight. Now take a long breath, lift your two legs together, then lift your waist, and then your upper part of the chest. After this, folding the hands of your two hands and holding the body with your hands. In this condition, part of your shoulder to the elbows will remain on the ground. And try to take all the body weight on your shoulders. Put the legs up and down, and plant your little ones with your chest. While exercising Sarvangasana, keep breathing in normal speed and stay in this condition for at least 20 seconds. Take this time from regular practice to 3 minutes. Take the practice of Sarvangasana every day 2 to 3 times. Evening once affects the body.
Benefits of Sarvangasana -
Massive body massaging muscles, makes the body flexible, beautiful and healthy. By doing universalization, all kinds of mental and physical stress are removed, and the body becomes athletic and healthy. By practicing this asana, enhancing the concentration potential, by receiving mental peace. Regularly practicing universalization, a juice is produced in the body, which prevents old age from coming. This posture gets rid of itself from all skin diseases, because this posture removes all blood vessels. Due to not eating food, diarrhea, vata, bile, phlegm, headache, hair getting white, feeling exhausted, hypothyroidism, eye problems, all these diseases are less than any medication. This posture eliminates asthma, cough, stomach disease, impotence, semen etc. By doing this asana, blood flow flows in the opposite direction, hence it enhances appetite by illuminating gastragyi and increases oz juice. By doing cosmic acid, it starts to sprout on the face, and the face looks beautiful.

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I do the shoulder stand fairly often and also with hands on the thighs, letting the weight sink into the hands.


Its Nice for your body strenght, Keep It up


Thanks for sharing information about yoga Sarvangasana.As a yoga enthusiast, I love exploring and knowing about new yoga poses, which I follow in my daily routine. After knowing the benefits I will surely perform this yoga.