Hello, Can anyone tell me the BEST online meditation course?

Is there can tell me the BEST online meditation course?

There cant be cause its individual , what works for you might not work for some other.

Just try to have no thoughts if they come dont involve in them just let them pass. After some time you will be able to extend the space between thoughts. When you get bigger and bigger space you will feel more relaxed.

You can concentrate on your breathing through your nose when you inhale and exhale , just where your nose and upperlip meets. Best is to sit erect but if you are beginner you can start with laying down. But sitting is better.


check out my youtube page if you want some help.

more videos are on the way.

by the end of the year, i’ll have the entire path from suffering to enlightenment detailed for all.



ps- it may not be the best but i’m very effective at helping those willing to be led.

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any online course that teaches vippassanna as taught by S. N. Goenka

also for just straight up Zen ... if feel breath come in Including chest... and during exhale.... sense activity amplitudes will turn down within 30 seconds... & there yah are :slight_smile: