Hello! New to the forums

I just wanted to say hello to everyone here! I searched for a place like this some time ago and didn’t find this community. So glad to be here and be a part of an online community of yogis <3 -Jennifer

Hi @JenTechYoga welcome to YogaForums it’s great to have you here :sunflower:

I'm newer as well and am so excited to have a place to learn and share. Excited to be a part of the community!

Namaste from new delhi India - , I am new to the yoga forum too - its great to be a part of an online community of yogis.... i see so many yogis being active online that its great to bring everyone together and this is a fantastic place to be...
I teach privately in new delhi - and here is my website


I will soon be putting up sanskrit - {pronounced sun-skrit and not san as in sand} pronunciations on my youtube channel and share it so that everyone can learn the correct way to say - which is usually with the help of articulators

my website has a couple of blogs entries, and if anyone has any questions or just wants to connect please feel free to contact me....

om tat sat

Hello from me too. I am Gustavo Woltmann, a long-time Yoga enthusiast from Italy.