Hello Yoga instructors


Hello Yoga instructors.
I would be very interested to hear some stories from you. Where have you educated yourself. Where do you work, and how? Are you a full time instructor, or only parttime? Can you live by the salary, or is it mostly by interest you are doing it.?
I hope you that you maybe can give som inspiration to me.

I am a girl from Denmark, and I would like to be an yoga instructor. My thought was that after my education, I will start having some classes in a Fitness centre. That will not give a really good salary, but it is a good place to start. And after a while, I would maybe start my own place.
But I dont know anything about the economy and so on.
I will be really happy to receive tips and ideas how to start the yoga career. :smiley:
Thank you

Best regards Stephanie.


My first suggestion to you for yoga is that, learn it because you like yoga.

If your first step towards yoga is simply a job and salary then you may not be able to get real essence of yoga. I am not saying you should not charge people for your service but I am saying that yoga should be your passion and not simply means of earning money.

Yoga is experiential, so experience it, rest will follow if you have no attachment to only job and salary.

All the best.