HELP! body vibration after astral projection and third eye


Summary: took acid, had bad trip with spiritual experiences, now i have weird body vibrations…need advice on how to stop it.


im new to this forum but recently i experienced something that is a little frightening. First of all, I have little to no knowledge of the spiritual side of yoga or anything. I come here seeking knowledge and advice.

a couple friends and i recently tripped on acid. i only took 1 hit (estimated to be about 60-100 micrograms). The onset was slow possibility because of the food we ate. i experienced very few visuals and felt a tad anxious after 2 hours but around 4 hours i experienced a weak peak. we smoked some pot and it intensified the trip (i think i unknowingly smoked way too much).

I was unprepared for a trip so intense. I experienced astral projection, i saw my body from far far above through a white tunnel. I experienced ego death and felt what i believe to be pure consciousness. The visuals were very intense, sometimes the entire world morphed into something entirely different. Words lost their meaning and I didn’t know who i was except my name. i also experienced extreme paranoia and fear and thought my friends were trying to hurt me. I was overwhelmed because my foundations of understanding dissolved and I just existed. it was a little traumatizing as it caused me to run away in panic. luckily everything is fine now. i couldn’t sleep for about 35 hours after the bad trip and kept feeling residual effects like warping objects and kaleidoscopes and also a inner body “vibration” feeling. It is a moderate feeling not painful but uncomfortable.

Its been 4 days since the trip and I am still feeling these vibrations or waves. i feel one wave approximate 5-20 secs apart and if i concentrate on something it stops but if i lose focus i will feel a wave. its interfering with my concentration and I can’t focus on my studying. I smoked pot to try to help, but instead the pot made the vibrations uncontrollable and extremely intense and uncomfortable to the point where i almost had a panic attack. I feel quite on edge lately and i have low appetite and when i stand up i become lightheaded. I’m a little worried that the bad trip has traumatized me a bit and maybe affecting me psychologically.

but i also read online that inner body vibrations are linked to astral projections and opening “the third eye” (which i have very little knowledge of) and its related to something called kundalini? …it seems like I experienced spiritual awakenings but im not sure… esp because i had no knowledge of any of this prior to and during the trip.

I would be very grateful if anyone has any clue or methods to help me. I do not like these vibrations at all…but i read they are suppose to be positive signs? if they are positive…why are they so uncomfortable and distracting…? what can i do to stop them? or at least change them…



First and foremost: Pot and acids SHOULDN’T BE MIXED!!!
The experience you had was psychedelic, not spiritual. No wonder you felt thus after mixing both substances.

When will the side effects subside? Eventually. Not thinking about them will help. LSD can remain in your bloodstream for several weeks. So, don’t smoke more for some weeks.

And never mind. It was only a bad trip. Don’t traumatize yourself.

Take it easy. Bye.


You may want to check out some of these kundalini syndrome web sites for advice.


It sounds like you need to some grounding practices. Practice some Yoga asanas(postures). Stay off the Pot for a while and eat light and healthy, eventually it will subside.


The experience you had was psychedelic, not spiritual.

If he had not told you he had taken drugs, I am pretty sure you would have thought his experiences were spiritual :wink:

Psychedic experiences are pretty similar to spiritual experiences. In fact what are spiritual experiences if not just altered states of mind?


A psychedelic experience is like watching a movie.
An spiritual experience is like the movie happening in the “real world”.

IMO the use of entheogens in an spiritual context is for shamans rather than for yoga students.


nothing to do with yoga…



Ego death via way of psychedelic use can be extremely (rocket launch) intense, harsh and unsettling, especially if it is unexpected. There is nothing ‘wrong’ or dangerous about mixing LSD and marijuana, aside from the synergistic effects which can be quite intense; I would hesitate to ascribe to this notion a label of “good” or “bad.” I have had quite pleasant experiences with it, although once I was taken aback as well. Luckily it resulted in extreme fits of laughter which continued in a looping social cycle for well over an hour. Guess I caught a clean break.

Anyway, some good advice has been dispensed already: you should eat light, and try to get some sleep. Take a warm bath, drink chamomile tea to relax.

The “bad vibrations” will fade with some time - you have done no permanent damage, trust me. Your psyche has been assaulted or “overloaded” and this extremely powerful experience will linger in your mind for some time. It is normal. Try to do some meditation and reflect on it - what was the source of your anxiety? Was it simply drug induced or was there something bothering you on a deeper level? What did you see when you projected into space? Did the visions bear any significance? Etc. Etc.

IMO, a strong psychedelic experience (especially leading to ego-death) is like running a mental decathlon. You would expect some wear and tear from your physical body if you were a trained athlete, would you not? How about if you were thrown in to a marathon as a relative neophyte? See where I’m going?

It is likely that these vibrations are part of a new found awareness that exists within you, and part reverberations from your ego, which wasn’t too happy about being shattered. This is part of the learning process. You are ‘back’ and you are well, (You made it!) for the most part. You have experienced something many people will never, and most would be afraid to try. The ego is a self preserving mechanism, this is where the ‘fear’ of psychedelics stem from. You have already learned another important lesson as well - psychedelics are powerful tools for consciousness exploration and must be respected.

Good luck…


dont worry about that it is normal just drink one glass of milk when u feel too much vibration. it is so normal while you do kundalini exercise.