Help for Bowed Legs


Hari Bol,

I would like to know if there is any ‘asana’ for correcting bowed Legs (Rickets Like - with Knees far apart) ? A friend of mine has started to develop bowed legs, which makes him very conscious and uneasy. Please advise.

Thank you.


In my book Structural Yoga Therapy i describe in detail how i corrected my knock knees mainly by toning the outer hips (abductors) and stretching the inner thighs (adductors). The book gives charts of poses do be done to reverse this in the case of bowed legs. The tone would be directed to inner thights and stretching outer thighs such as in Virabhadrasana II. namaste mukunda stiles


Using Yoga exercises to straighten bow legs

Straightening bow legs involves more than just special exercises for the legs, it actually involves exercising your entire body. This is because bow legs cannot be straightened until your body's posture is corrected. And this is exactly where Yoga comes in. Yoga exercises and postures are perfectly suited to correcting your body's posture, after which a course of physical training is usually sufficient to straighten your bow legs. It may be helpful to know that Yoga straps are an accessory that can be wrapped around your legs for support if you need it when you're doing the exercise. As you tighten the straps, you'll be helping to straighten your bow legs, and by slowly increasing the tightness of the straps over a period of about three months, you'll be well on your way to straightening them completely.


I have treated students with bow and knocked knees both.

As per my experience all yoga postures are useful but separate traction is required using block and strap.