Help required in Breath Yoga

Hi all. I am new in breath Yoga. I have been practicing different asans of physical yoga some time before. I am really very much interested in breath yoga. I read on Internet a practice to inhale long breath then stop it and count up to 10 and then exhale slowly from mouth. I practiced it many times in a day.

Then I read on Internet about The Breath of Fire and now practicing it. I inhale long breath then exhale with power/pressure both inhale and exhale from nose.

I need help whether I am doing it right or not. And what should I do next. Any help in this matter would be highly apprecaited.

Your breath yoga exercises point in the correct direction. An extremely common beginner exercise to help with breath control and relaxation is breathing deeply, holding for ten counts, then gently expelling through the mouth. Regular practice of it several times a day helps increase your lung capacity and concentration.

Regarding the Breath of Fire, it's important to make sure you're utilizing the right technique: fast, rhythmic breathing using the stomach, with equal emphasis on both inhale and exhale through the nose. Start in little sessions and progressively extend the length of time as you grow more at ease. To ensure that you're doing these techniques safely and effectively, always pay close attention to your body and see an experienced instructor.