Help with hip openers please (especially after relearning to walk)


Help with hip openers please (especially after relearning to walk.)


In short, I had major brain surgery in 2014 to remove a massive tumour (non-cancerous.) I survived and doctors said I would not be able to walk/function etc but said their job was done as I survived.

Thank goodness I found yoga (amongst much other rehab myself.)

This is me now.

However, the most peculiar thing happened. Basically I could not move for 3 months in 2014 and my body changed.

eg. before I could sit in pidgeon with reasonable form, then it was ok, but now I can barely get there with good technique. I know the figure 4 alternate but that does not do much (actually hurts.)

I still do LOTS of hip openers but it it is getting worse. It is not terrible but definitely much worse than other areas. I wonder if it is another area that I need to release (eg. glutes)

This is me sitting cross legged for instance (I have a round back and feel super fatigued trying to sit up straight. Any suggestions?)

Many thanks


Can you please share your pic of doing pigeon pose ?

I see probable reason with your back which is swayback shape. You can use bolster to get natural curvature of your back. This way when you bend backside with kapotanasana , you will be able to reach more behind.


thank you.

I will try to get a picture ASAP.