Help yogis! Tips for the 200 ytt training in india?


I know this topic of teacher trainings was here already butt dear yogis, im so confuseed…aah… i have a limit of 1200, max 1500 dollar. I’ve been saving over a year but. In my country it’s so expensive to travel, to get a passport, to eat haha :smiley:
Soo no i have enough moneyy and i cannot waitt to go to a yoga teacher training! The dream : D

And ive looked up a school in rishikesh which had ayurveda and yoga together. But they didnt seem so mmm good with the asana aspect.

And the dream is that after this i could teach yoga (i am now intermidate yogi, i can do handstand and im very flexible), but i have no idea how to instruct a class, and would be nice to learn more advanced asanas and go to a hmmm more self realaziation trip during this ytt. Like so many i’ve heard has like gone out like a different person from the ytt, i want that kinda transformation :smiley: i will work hard and do my everything. Mmmm so was wondering, if my hopes are not too high, that someone could give some tips to yoga shools where u’ve been perhaps:) that would be amazing!

And healhty (ayurvedic would be best) is important obvi:)

I am so confused with all these yoga schools there are soo many, and would be horrible if the money would be so to say wasted.

If u were in a good yoga school pls pls i am so happy to hear that:))



Thank you so much for your answer!! :pray: okay i will just go to rishikesh and let universe show the way! Thank you for those tips, they surely help me on the road and with choosing and also diminishes my oh so sneaky expectations :slight_smile: woohoooo 2 weeks and ill go to indiaa!!! Cannot wait!!! Namaste :pray:


Heya thank you for giving your concern! I did know that after 30 days u possibly cannot master an life form like yoga. U can learn the basics to cook, to dance, to meditate, to be healthy, to practice tai chi or yea maybe the very basics of becoming a doctor. As so in yoga. 30 days, basics! But i wouldn’t say im “basic” in yoga, rather advanced when it comes to asanas. I agree tho, i don’t think u can ever master yoga, u can always become better, more still and present, or maybe when u reach enlightenment u cannot become better anymore? :smiley: I’ve been thinking of that, if u can become better anymore after enlightenment? Probably in asanas…?
But yes i dont say that :slight_smile: but i am aware that there aren’t schools who are not with the best intentions… Maybe the asanas are there but it’s not yoga. But there’s plenty of great schools too! Just need to find them. Namaste :pray: