I’m not too sure how to get involved here, but I like what I’ve seen, and hope to learn how to learn.:confused:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Just share your practice and put questions/subjects that are on your mind. This forum is about contact with fellow practitioners - at every stage. Each member of this forum for sure has several super important books on yoga on bookshelfs, but they chose to come here, so I think essence is just sharing and contact with others…


By learning to learn here, one needs to learn to unlearn and then practice it. Good luck.


Suhas Tambe, thank you you’re right, I keep forgetting to unlearn though! But I’m just unlearning so that I can make space for more learning aren’t I? I find yoga confusing.
Thankyou Pawel, I have loads of books on yoga, but they don’t interact with me.


I don’t find books too engaging as well…

Regarding learning/unlearning, remember to be yourself. You have a great wealth of knowledge and culture in you - don’t throw it away trying to replace it with something new but rather try to understand yourself with aid of yoga practice.


Thanks Pawel, I will keep with yoga, it’s got me this far! I don’t think I can turn back even if I wanted to.


Confusion is a normal side effect of Yoga. Trick is to make it a positive force. Ask questions. Absorb Yoga concepts in very small doses from a good book. Carry the confusion into your life and as you deal with life’s situations, keep reviewing the absorbed concepts in the light of your responses. Soon they will come alive. Yoga books don’t become interactive otherwise. Constant practice and review, is the key.