High Vata Sxs & anxiety


Mukunda, I have a new client who I have not as yet seen, but have a subjective assessment of: Prakriti is V, followed by P; Vikruti is very high vata, with secondary kapha (v=80; k=50). She has a lot of joint hypermobility t/o her body, and c/o chronic pain at SI mostly, but also in shoulders. She has a long history of physical abuse from childhood and into adult relationships with men. She has an eating disorders history, which is presently resolved. She is very motivated to release her pain, stabilize her physical instabilities and also work with things that may help her anxiety and insomnia issues. I would like your advice, as I want to make sure I approach this carefully and appropriately. She already has a yoga practice is a a professional aerial trapeze performer. Peace to you. :smiley:


Both issues presented are for balancing vata as it releases the side effects of being identified with the doer or victim or the role that she most closely is fearful of. So for this you want predominantely a breath awareness practice to be sustained regardless of what other practices are given. This is the healer of such woundedness. By deepening the wave while gentle dynamic asana practice is given she can begin to allow suppressed emotions and thoughts to arise. For this to really work your compassion must be free of pity. In so doing your own inner work with her she will feel safe and the unpredictable sequence of her releases will come about.
While yoga nidra with restorative poses are most helpful it is the underlying watching and gentleness of breathing that holds the pain. when she is free of her body pain this watchful mind will know that it is safe to express or discharge regardless of whether it is vikruti or prakruti emotionality. Her discernmetn will be present and what is ready to come up will naturally arise. The more fear there is the more there is need for reading uplifting scripture that she loves. These writings are like nectar for the wounded sould. you wil need to assume the role of spiritual mentor for her. help mentor her into a relationship with spirit; provided of course that yours is on stable ground. blessings. mukunda