I talked to a follower of sahaja yoga yesterday and he told me that sahaja yoga yoga is not for homosexuals, because they don’t promote lies. He says something like homosexuality is a disrespect to the Divine. That person is very wise and he truly speaks with eloquence.


Whom you choose to listen to is also a choice. Make sure you don’t confuse eloquence with wisdom.


That is a very interesting statement, Aurora. I used to think that eloquence is one of the clear signs of a person’s wisdom. He went on to say that when you look at the mirror, you will know what you are— if you are a male, you are a male, if you are fe,ale, you are a female.
I think that we cannot judge homosexuality in black or white terms? Some folks here already said it well, but I came to think that being male, female, gay or bisexual is not a factor in a spirituality. But if you will think so much about the morality of gender preference, it can be. But spirituality is mostly about spiritual awareness and connection, right? I guess that if we are already self-aware and spiritually connected, we will still stoop down by being imprisoned in duality and thinking about the shallowness of male, female, gay and everything.


I am a yogi in sahaja yoga and I'm gay , and it's not very easy only my parents now but they still don't accept me, only my close friends who are also in sahaja yoga are very supportive. But it's still hard to think I'm okay or that I'm disappointing god because I'm a possession