Host your Yoga Retreat in the Caribbean


we are a small eco sustainable hotel in Cabarete, a small surf town at the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Part of the hotel is a super cute Yoga Loft right at the beach.
We are looking for Yoga Retreat leaders who search for a location to host their retreat in a unique, friendly, eco sustainable setting. Have a look at the following link and don’t hesitate to get in touch

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

Amazing place raelly recommended :slight_smile:

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A yoga retreat in the Caribbean offers an idyllic setting that can greatly elevate the holistic experience, I guess. Ensuring excellent guest services, akin to Lighthouse Lodge and Cottages customer service, is key to creating a great retreat experience. The Caribbean's tranquil beaches and lush landscapes provide a perfect backdrop for yoga and meditation. It's essential to choose a location that not only offers natural beauty but also provides the necessary amenities to support a peaceful and rejuvenating retreat.