Hosted Yoga Retreats in SEA

Hi! I'm looking for hosted yoga retreats in South East Asia (specifically:Thailand,Vietnam, Bali, Philippines, Malaysia Laos,Cambodia). Key word here is hosted- as in a set one or two week program with a specific host. When I try to find a list of something like this, I can only come up with yoga retreats that are eternally ongoing and more or less unstructured. Where can I find this information with ease? Does such a place online exist? Do I simply have to look at every yoga shala and see if they have any upcoming retreats?

Better yet: Does anyone out there have any hot leads on a worthwhile retreat happening between June-Sep?


Yoga Retreats in SEA region is good to sharing about the benefits of Yoga to the people. Several people will easily know very well about Yoga.

Hosting yoga retreats is very good idea to gather all one minded indiviudals together. Yoga is complete exercise which provides you mental, physical and spiritual peace. Yoga is a way to deal with daily life problems. It gives you confidence to face hardships and overcome your fears.