Hot yoga retreat in Sri Lanka

I?ve been doing hot yoga in London for 5 years and I want to do a yoga retreat. I found a centre on the internet called Hot Yoga Retreat Sri Lanka which has a UK teacher who does the teaching.

hot-yoga-retreat (with dashes) dot com

She?s called Laura McDonald, does anyone know her? I like the fact that is a UK teacher.

Has anyone ever been to this retreat in Sri Lanka? It?s on the south coast. I can?t find anyone who has!

Also, does anyone know how to get to the place? It?s called Hickuduwa?
Anyone been there before?

Also, any advice while in Sri Lanka? Should I be careful of anything while I?m there?

I went to Hikkaduwa last year with my husband and stayed 2 weeks in the area. I stayed at the hotel called Mother’s Place in Thiranagama. We chose the hotel because we saw it had 4 out of 5 stars in trip adviser.
The room was clean and comfortable with air conditioning. It was cleaned every day. It was literally right on the beach, you walk out of the back door and the beach was right in front of you.

At the weekends there were beach parties in the area with a local DJ but during the week it quiet and peaceful – idyllic.

Whilst we were there, we saw some of the local sights. There’s an old Dutch fort about twenty minutes down the coast which is worth seeing. The place is full of old temples and statues and there’s an island up towards the hotel where the locals go to curse people they don’t like!:slight_smile:

All in all we thought Hikkaduwa is a great place to unwind. We had a very relaxing holiday surrounded by blue skies, sea, sand, surfing and being well looked after. The place is about 2 hours drive on the expressway from the capital Colombo. A taxi from the airport cost US $28. The temperature was around 28-30 degrees all the time we were there.

It’s definitely a famous spot for yoga, we saw lots of retreats on our way up there and we went to a lovely Ayurveda massage centre with hot steam baths and hot oil massage. I bought some herbal cures to make me lose weight but they didn’t’ work so watch out!!

Otherwise the usual advice – drink bottled water, don’t get over exposed in the sun. Have fun!!

Sounds like an incredible experience for both mind and body rejuvenation. Just as Enchantment Resort customer service is committed to ensuring a memorable stay, it's important for a yoga retreat to provide excellent support and facilities. Such retreats offer a unique opportunity to deepen your yoga practice while immersing yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Sri Lanka. This kind of getaway can be a transformative journey, combining physical wellness with the exploration of a rich and diverse culture.