How did You become a yoga teacher?


Hi, I’m sure out there in this forum, there are a lot of you who are yoga teachers. I would like you to share your journey on how you became a yoga teacher. E.g. when u started, how long u practise before u become a certified instructor, what school u went to study yoga, what was it like being a yoga student in the school etc.

I see a lot of teachers on youtube, are they just trying to advertise themselves to make them more popular?


I started doing yoga at age 14. I got certified last year. And I can pin point the moment I became a teacher when I was at my 4th group class at a clinic I teach at. I looked around the room at everyone in tadasana and something about the energy just aligned. I saw for the first time that everyone there had a story, a reason, and a truth to WHY they were there. And in such a large group I may never know what that is. I started providing one-on-one classes at rates comparable to a group class rate because everyone deserves that attention. That’s when I became a teacher rather than an instructor.


I asked the same question to my teacher when ,where and how she became a yoga teacher? The truth she said is she doesn’t know, for she witnessed from the very crib. Visualisations and meditations were a part of her. But she came to know it had all these technical names in the science of yoga only in the last 15 years and she says she is still learning to relate to the names of the different stages.And she calls herself just a guide an instrument like a torch, for everyone exist with the supreme knowledge, it is all a process of unveiling.Even the philosopies of Bhagawad gita and Patanjali , she relates to it directly like she does with all. Once I asked her about the style of yoga, she said: show me the style you like or choose a style in which you are comfortable and I’ll stand by the main board to switch on the lights on your path!!!


I had been practicing for about 6 or 7 years and I saw a shortage of teachers in the area that taught in the traditional way. Yoga is more about working out in this area so I wanted to fill the void. I took a teacher training so I could get the RYT behind my name and get some jobs lol.

As far as you tube, it may be to just help people but I am sure advertising has a lot to do with it. It can be hard to make ends meet as a yoga teacher so many people get creative.


As far as you tube, it may be to just help people but I am sure advertising has a lot to do with it. It can be hard to make ends meet as a yoga teacher so many people get creative.[/quote]

Like lashannasmal stated, Going into yoga is defiantly not for someone looking into making cash loads but for helping people, but I do agree that being creative dose allow a person to making a modest living. Other certifications help such as becoming an Ayurvedic practioner, holistic health counselor, massage therapist ect. and can really expand your practice because you are able to discover differing views and angles. Massage therapy and physical therapy background is great for yoga teachers. Also play to your weaknesses as a teacher. I am SO thankful for the supplementary course I have taken on anatomy and hatha yoga anatomy because I knew it as a weakness and have know found it to really allow me to tap into my inner anatomy geek. :smiley:


I started yoga at age of 17 years and have been practicing yoga for last 12 years. Once I picked it up I knew that I was going to teach it to people. Then I tried my luck & was able to complete TTC from sivananda which gave me further confidence.



I am practicing yoga for last 10 years and I wanted to do a good teacher training course for very long.
I wanted to go to India for the TTC as I wanted to have the knowledge directly from the roots. After long search
on internet and talking to many schools in India I did my TTC at Ananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram, North India.
It is beautiful ashram and a perfect place for those interested in Yoga and spirituality. The atmosphere is very peaceful, the teachers were very inspiring and caring. the people were very traditional and dedicated to yoga and vedic principles. I learnt alot about teaching, correcting, alignments apart from the right principles
They only accept 15 students in a course, the course was an eye opener, good value for money,I saw many differences in Yoga in Europe and Yoga in India, If you are serious about Yoga The I would highly recommend it, you can check them at



I started doing yoga at the age of 17. I had my yoga classes in my school days but used to skip those morning sessions because of incomplete homeworks :sweat_smile: One day my Yoga trainer took everyone to yoga class if anyone fails to attend will be lacking with attendance and internal assessment marks. The day were I realised the essence of Yoga. From the next day, I never skipped my yoga class and I have done my Yoga teacher training program also. Now, I take classes for my students and embrace them with the benefits of yoga.


You can train as a yoga teacher all over the world. At the most beautiful places in the world or even in an Ashram. How about immersing yourself in foreign countries and cultures and completing your 200-hour yoga training there? It is much nicer to practice asanas and pranayamas on the beach of Hawaii or with a view of the snow-covered mountains of Nepal or under the Italian sun. Take a look here.
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