How Do I Edit My Signature?

Hi Everyone,

This might be a really simple question, but when I try to edit my signature (from the CP) it won’t let me put any html in the field, or at least it doesn’t show properly. My permissions say I can’t post html either.

I saw somewhere where it said we need a min of 15 posts so I don’t think that’s the problem (I have that)

Any help??:confused:

hi dw, i checked your permissions, and you have always been set up to create a signature, and now with your 15 posts, you may link through it now too. i am not certain the code that you are trying to use, so perhaps this a vbulletin-limiting issue. can you check your code?


Thanks. I just tried it but I am getting the code showing up. Maybe you can PM me with details?

Thanks!! :smiley:

You are welcome, DW. :slight_smile: I cannot assist you with your code, outside of this recommendation: to research Vbulletin supported html and to adapt your signature code to what is supported here. I know that VB does not like < but rather, [. I believe the problem lies here.


The specific vb code Nichole speaks of can be found here.

HTML isn’t enabled on this forum for security reasons. It’s pretty easy to do lots of malicious things with html enabled.

[QUOTE=David;23319]The specific vb code Nichole speaks of can be found here.

HTML isn’t enabled on this forum for security reasons. It’s pretty easy to do lots of malicious things with html enabled.[/QUOTE]

Thanks David for the link. I tried entering the samples that it provided for the BB code and it wasn’t coming out correctly. Maybe its my settings in the edit signature control panel? They are as below, can I somehow change this?

Allow BB Code [B]No[/B]
Allow HTML No Allow Smilies [B]Yes[/B]
Can Upload Images for Signature [B]No[/B]
Can Upload Animated GIF for Signature [B]No [/B]

Thank you

Hi there,
I am sorry you are having trouble, but again, you have all the permissions you need, and you have all the permissions that every other member has to create your signature on your own.

Please understand, we are a group of volunteer moderators on a free, public yoga forum; we cannot possibly offer each of our members specific, individual signature building or code-writing assistance in addition to moderating. Since you have your question on the boards, it is likely another member will offer you more specific help, but please know that you do currently have all the tools you need–via David’s link–to build a signature that Vbulletin will support and display properly.

Best wishes,

Hi, Wild! Looking at the page David linked to and your signature, please swap the “=” for a “]”, and take “]Yoga Forums” out.
Does that get you closer?

Hey there Techne!

I think I did that properly, but it only gets me closer to chewing my arm off! :smiley:

I think I am going to throw in the towel on this one

Thanks for your help though :grin:

Nope, one more character to eliminate: the ‘]’ after ‘forums’.

He, he – or cut and paste directly from the examples on the page David linked to.


ha ha ha. That didn’t work. Ok I will stick to plain ol’ text. :slight_smile:

Oh dear. Our mistake! I didn’t notice that you had less than 25 posts which is required before you can have an active link in your signature.

Please accept my apology! I’ve updated your account so that you CAN have a link in your sig.

red faced

Awww thanks David! My bad, I should have checked to see that the guidellines for bb code in the signature was different than links in posts. :oops:

Thank you everyone for your help!