How many brains do we have?

The regular brain...

Cca 60 % of the heart cells are of the NEURAL type. The heart is a center of intelligent information processing. That has been known also for many years.

Now they discovered a third brain, in the stomach:

(they call it the second, but actually it is the third)

However, the Chinese have known for centuries about the existence of these three brains:

There is nothing new under the sun ? Not exactly. We know now what the Chinese have known for many centuries...but we know it in much more detail,
with explanation of biological processes and with development of new medical
drugs and procedures. This is known in dialectic as "negation of negation."
Knowledge cannot be frozen in time: it changes, and changes, and changes...

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As they always say, history repeats itself.

Yet somehow humanity always seems to push and move forward.

Like a wheel that is constantly turning

And rolling forward through time and space.

We have so many references to emotions being related to the stomach - ‘I can’t stomach this’, ‘I’m gutted’ etc. Perhaps this is something we have always known subconsciously…

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I heard about that recently. Pretty amazing sutff!