How to cancel paid subscription?

I thought I had registered as a normal user with a one time payment, but now I see that 49 dollars has been paid from my account, and I don’t want that to repeat itself.

But I can’t find out how to cancel it! I am not a vendor, as you can see from my post history.


Another new user started a thread on the same issue some months ago.
You could do a search.

I can guarantee the direct subscription is free.

Good luck.

I did try. Perhaps I didn’t find hte right search word because I am not a native English speaker.

I only found someone who wanted to get their money back - and I don’t. I just want to not have to pay the vendor prize again.

I know that I did a mistake, and signed up for the wrong type of membership, but I still can’t figure out how to cancel it, - and I really need to before the end of the year comes.

Are there no owners who can answer this?