How To Choose The Best Yoga Videos

Finding the best yoga videos is not as easy to walking down to your local video store and wandering over to the exercise aisle. Not all such videos on the market are ideal for effective home practice. In order to make sure you get the best yoga videos for your home, consider a few things you should really look for.

Easy To Understand

First of all, a quality yoga video will be easy for you to follow. You should be able to understand what is being done, how the positions are achieved, how long you should hold each one, and how often you should do it. It should also be easy to follow into each subsequent move. If you cannot understand the video, then it has failed on its most basic level.

Secondly, videos should provide not only easy to follow instructions, but also easy to understand demonstrations. You should be able to, by watching, understand the basics of achieving each pose and each transition. You should also understand, from watching, the breathing patterns and focus. If you can understand the verbal instructions, but the demonstrations are unclear then your video is no better than a book on yoga.

Next, there should be easy modifications offered in the best yoga videos. Yoga can be difficult, so beginners to it may frequently need modifications to their practice so that they can understand even that which they cannot complete. No matter what your ability level may be, you want your video to be able to apply to you. Once you buy a video, it should be of use to you at every stage as you progress further into yoga. Choose a video that will grow with you.

Teaching Qualilty

In a quality video, the yoga should be taught in a student centered manner. Though that seems like it should go without saying, you will see a number of yoga videos that are just a fancy way of showing off the instructor’s ability in yoga. Such videos do little if any good and in many cases may even be counterproductive for you. The idea of having the yoga video is to help your development, not to put you in awe of someone else’s level of flexibility or fitness.

Finally, high quality yoga videos should feature prominent and well qualified instructors. They should not only be practicing instructors, but should probably have achieved great success in their yoga education. You always want to learn from someone at as high a level as possible. By simply reading the back of the box, you will often get an overview of the teacher’s qualifications so that you can make an intelligent decision as to whether or not you want this person to help you practice yoga in your home.

Finding the best yoga videos really isn’t easy. However, when armed with the tools above, you can more accurately assess a video’s value. Look for something you understand visually and orally, that you can use at any level, and that features a successful teacher while staying student centered. When you find that you will have found the best of the best yoga videos for use at home and between private sessions or classes.

Bit wordy but great topic.

Any favourites?

I’ve rented or ordered every yoga video our library has on yoga or that includes yoga in the subject matter and they all pretty much fizzled.

Notable acceptation and one well worth buying: Anatomy for Yoga with Paul Grilley (2003)

This work has revolutionized yoga in my mind and practice. 5 stars!

I have to rely solely on DVD’s sadly enough. The closest studio is a hour away so it’s just not doable. My personal favorites are Anna Brett’s Kundalini Yoga, Rodney Yee for Hatha, Power, and Meditation. Max Strom on breathing.

Anyhow I use the Dvd’s about six days a week. I do enjoy them and most of them have matrix options. Would I recommend. Well, it greatly depends on where your going and what you enjoy. I like Kundalini Yoga, and Power Yoga; I’m more into Kundalini Yoga, though due to needing it to calm my psyche and find a good center. But, to each their own.

Haven’t tried Anatomy of Yoga, I’ll have to look it up.

My favorite yoga videos are from, and fit all the above “criteria”. I think everyone should at least give them a try, they offer one free class a week (1hr class) that you can use as many times as you like, and if you choose, you can download any of their hundreds of classes for only $4.00 to watch any time you choose, or you can join their website for $10 a month and livestream as many classes as you want. I love it. I personally purchase classes that focus on the areas I’m feeling need focus so I can put them on a thumb drive and plug them into my husband’s Playstation3 so I can do them in my livingroom.

I have a strong aversion to commercialized yoga videos, and have a hard time using them more than a few times. Ravi Singh comes to mind - why do I need to see some skinny girl’s nipples through her top when I’m trying to do yoga? And why does she need to be nearly naked? It’s distracting.

Thank you all for sharing this. I have been struggling to practice yoga for myself. The DVD I purchased is for beginners but is very difficult to follow at times and many of the poses are just too difficult for someone like me who can barely move on the best of days. When people use terms like Hatha, Kundalini, etc., it loses me only adding to the frustration of trying to educate myself and improve.

I’ve had good luck with an audio download from yoga2hear. I found it through itunes. I believe she has 2 or 3 levels and I’ve tried the beginners and the improvers - both are good. She gives excellent instruction and transitions between poses in a slow, gentle manner. There is also a pdf file with pictures of the poses that comes with it.

I find the audio easier to follow than DVDs - I can get more into the process within me rather than trying to copy someone’s movements on a screen.

Having said that…Max Strom’s breathing DVD is on my Amazon wishlist!

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I second the Ana & Ravi DVDs which have the best instruction I have found, they give modifications, and make their programs doable for all levels. As for Anas clothing, I always get the sense that their best interest is in me the student getting good benefits as well as the Kundalini experience and not them showing off. I think Anas shorts and tank tops are more for movement and comfort than for show. I love her energy which bursts through the screen, and her alignment is some of the best I have ever seen. I like that I can see her muscles and even her abdominal muscles moving as she breathes helps me to understand how the pranayama is meant to be done.
At first I was a little put off by what seemed like show off clothing, blonde hair and prettiness, but I got past that and so glad I did, because the workouts are really amazing.
Fat Free, Yoga Beauty Body, Kundalini Yoga Transformer, Kundalini Yoga for Beginners & Beyond. These are some of my favorites. I have at least a dozen:p

If you would like to try some streaming yoga classes online, I am a yoga instructor and videographer and that’s what I do - I make yoga class videos and DVD’s. All of the classes I have produced are online, if you’d like to check them out. They’re all free to watch.



There are tonns and tons of free videos online…good ones, bad ones… you still need a teacher if you want to be safe and sussesful on your yoga path

What do you think about learning yoga online? Would you pay for such a service?

[QUOTE=kikikrista;55265]What do you think about learning yoga online? Would you pay for such a service?[/QUOTE]

Why do you ask ?

I would Like to suggest you best channel for yoga videos which is Arhanta yoga. You can view all videos by just clicking here.

I find YouTube the best destination to choose yoga videos. This are the few ones which i liked