How to choose yoga pants



You should not concentrate upon any secondary things at all my friend. Just concentrate on yoga that is what you should care about not Pants!

Kindest to you,[/QUOTE]

NO way! what are you talking about!? do you want to undermine economy of the United States? People should shop for pants ! For organic pants! For free trade super yoga pants!

Yoga pants rock! Some yoga pants can help you to meditate better. Other yoga pants can assist you with kriyas and do bandhas for you 9especially sexy tight pants:) You did not know that??? This is just because you never had yoga pants before.


[QUOTE=Indra Deva;45414]I like wearing my Judo gi pants when I’m not wearing shorts. They can be bought apart from the Judo jacket for cheap, around $20, in white, blue, black, or you can shop in the Brazilian Jiujitsu market for pink or other colors, albeit a little more expensive but ridiculously durable.[/QUOTE]

What are you talking about! wearing baggy pants to my fancy studio? What would others think!? They would think that my ass is that big and it is humiliating.


Do you wear full body yoga pants CityMonk? haha

hey guess what, most of the time no-one sees you waving your ass around in the air because they are also in down dog. lol

I need me some yoga pants, I didn’t even have any PJ’s for tonights Big Chill PJ party :frowning:


[QUOTE=CityMonk;45676]What are you talking about! wearing baggy pants to my fancy studio? What would others think!? They would think that my ass is that big and it is humiliating.[/QUOTE]

I’m going to assume you’re being sarcastic :smiley:

& as for poo-pooing baggy pants not being “sexy”…


cor blimey govenor, now that’s how you wear baggy pants


[QUOTE=lisen;44230]I am going to do yoga exercise to loose my weight.
now my height is 166cm, and my weight is 55KG, if I am so fat?[/QUOTE]
one suggestion I would have for anyone using yoga to loose weight is to find there body type. are you vita, pita, or kapha or a combination. The reason I say this is that a friend of mine is predominately pita, with some vata. Her ideal weight, in her mind, is not her ideal wieght in her body type. so when she lost too much weight she looked bad and unhealthy and when she has more weight then she wants, she looks better. sometimes we try to make an apple an orange, which it will never be. One woman in particular comes to mind as I saw her walking down the street, she was about five foot five and maybe 130 lbs, and I thought she was beautiful
hopefully that is helpful,
brother neil


I avoid pants.


I wear spandex, usually – leggings. But that’s mainly just because I had them available and didn’t feel like spending money. :smiley:

If you want to buy some, go to your local secondhand store … they’ll probably have a fairly good selection, and that’s better for the environment–!

And if you want new ones, as embarrassed as I am to say it, Victoria’s Secret has some very comfortable and nice ones … on sale now, too!

Anyway. :slight_smile:


@veggiewear - are you the manufacturer of your pants? If so, we’d love to carry them in our retail site ( check us out.

@avacado - nothing wrong with victoria’s secret =D

Our most popular are leggings/pants by Hyde Yoga - feel free visit our store as we offer a 5% discount on apparel to YogaForum members.



there’s so much variety when it comes to yoga apparel and different price points too. To be honest i usually buy cheaper yoga gear as Lululemon is super expensive! My friend and I are soon launching a yoga club of sorts where you get a new yoga apparel or accessory every month for a few bucks a month. Would you guys like that?


[QUOTE=FlexPenguin;44303]I got a pair of lululemons as a gift from a friend who knew I was into yoga. I admit I was a bit embarassed at first as I thought the brand was a bit superficial. But after 6 months of constant use it holds up pretty good. What I like about it is it cooperates with me. Worth the money.[/QUOTE]

I dont know what kind of quality you are used to but prior to these new pants it sounds like indian quality sold in the touristmarket. I have had many pants and i never had any issue with broken pants after years of usage.

Most important is that you like them and secondary is the price. In the end it is always better to pay a little more and get good stuff, than buying crap and then buy the better one as that leads to higher cost in the end.

But the most expensive isnt always the best the middleway is most of the times the best. Even in other aspects of life.