How to correct the nadi flows? ida pingala and sushumna


I did read the pdf copy on Swara Yoga by swami Muktibodhananda.
From the time I read, I feel my breath is not in sync.

The book clearly says : Ida 90 mins, Pingala 90 mins and sushumna < 2 mins.
If your breath in sushumna is more then its bad.

I currently feel that I have days when my Ida is more active and it switches to Pingala for sometime and sushumna stays for like 1 or 2 hours.
And days when it was Pingala more and sushumna, Ida very less. Does this mean Nadis are not in sync? How to go about correcting them?

I do suffer from anxiety a lot more from the time i read this actually.


Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Chapter 2; Verse 10


Thanks, @omshanti

So, Anulom-vilom pranayam is what is prescribed. How many times per day should this be done and for what duration should each session last?


Depending on your personal current ability. Exactly how you would work out your muscles in gym. Perform as many rounds as possible, without exhausting yourself and/or risking injury. Each session try to increase by at least a few more rounds. You can keep track of how many rounds you do with pencil and paper. Each dash can be one round, or 10 rounds, etc. One round being all movements of both nostrils. Keep track of notes and progress for approximately three months.


  1. Worksheet for practice.
  2. I only suggest to use pencil because pens tend to dry out in-between rounds.


@omshanti thanks a lot for the sheet! Thats very helpful.

I do suffer from anxiety and this pranayam is helping clearing my thoughts.


A.V. Worksheet - Second Version
(Fixed: Last box-row was cut off. Full 200.)


Vipassana can carefully equate you with both nadis see more in