How to do Tree Pose

Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

How to enter

Stand in the front of your mat, close your eyes and Observe your both feet.

Both feet Should be evenly Pressed.

To Feel the distribution of the weight, firm your feet on the floor and move your body forward and backward, side to side, so you can feel the 4 points or 3 points of the feet.

Lift Your Right foot with respect ( Like you are taking water in your palm), do not rush or you will get a nice twist in your knee( which is not good for your knee)

place your Right Soul of the feet Close to your Left inner Thigh and farmly press your inner edge of the Right feet.

Now activate both thighs to maintain your balance in Left Leg,

Try to find a particular point to find a balance.

Now inhale, place your palm in front of your sternum,

Shoulders back and Chest broader.

Now if one can stretch the arms over the head, they must try otherwise hold the posture as you were before.

Exhale, Slowly grab your right foot and drop it to the floor.

After you finish the posture, Now Switch to the other side.

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Alignment Cues

Activate your inner edge of the left foot.

left Knee facing forward.

Right knee facing left side making a 90-degree angle with the left knee, if possible,

Internal rotation of Left thigh and external rotation of the right thigh.

lengthen your both side of the waist,

chest open, and Shoulder broader and place palms in front of your chest,

arms up over your head, if the shoulder is tight Then open your arms, shoulder-width apart,

otherwise, raise your arms up and place your palm together,


Go to the wall, and take the support if you can't find balance.

Benefits of the Pose -

it helps to increases concentration, and makes you more focused,

It helps to improves balance and makes you calm.

Opens the hips and Increases the strength of your leg

Tones your Upper body muscles.

Contraindications of the pose;-

If one has a migraine, insomnia then avoid it,

if one has an Ankle injury or knee injury then avoid it.

Preparatory pose:-



thank you so much for this beautiful description

The Tree Pose Yoga is helpful for individuals experiencing postural disfigurements of spine, joint inflammation of joints of upper and lower furthest points, a shortcoming of legs and shoulders, and gentle happiness. Thank you for the great information about tree pose yoga.