How to open the third eye easily


Thanks for that


Hello Hubert

I am curious why you have written this. The third eye is an extremely good guide en route to enlightenment. Many things/stages can be monitored as to your progress to this end. There are a set of specific sights that unfold before you that check your progress, that point out what parts of your thinking/ego still need removal/dealing with

Hang on Hubert…were your comments a joke, it has just occurred to me there is a joke there…if so I am obviously not very good at this
posting threads thing !!

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Thanks a hell lot. what i have been looking for. Keep you posted, Thanks a lot


I didn’t even know about this. Thanks for sharing.

I love it!



Hi, I need your help with my third eye opening?


I would say this sounds like the long way round. I will simply try this:

Know that my intentions are pure.

Research with an open heart

Know that my kerachi will be immediate, just like that mountain that will shift into the sea at my instruction

If it doesnt, well, theres alwats the longer way round :slight_smile: