How to tell if a yoga teacher training is good?


I am looking to become a certified yoga teacher but I am overwhelmed with how many yoga teacher trainings there are out there. How do I decide which to go with? I don’t even know where to begin.


Hi EbonyYogi,

First of all check your budget and come up with objective of becoming a “certified yoga teacher”. Some may want to have another certificate and some want to become a yoga teacher to teach at another studio and some may want to start their own studio. In most of the cases you want to get a certificate which is valid and widely recognized. Yoga Alliance is one of the most popular choices as these days yoga schools/studios are asking for it.

Learning from a certified school or having a certificate doesn’t mean that you are very good yoga teacher. It depends quite a lot on “the yoga teacher” who is teaching you and his/her experience. And your capability and willingness to learn.

Yoga teacher training is available in almost every country. And few famous destinations are Goa, Rishikesh and Dharamshala in India, Bali in Indonesia and few places in Thailand. Bali is the most expensive and Thailand is cheaper than Bali and Goa in India is almost 1/3rd to 1/4th in price. Rishikesh and Dharamshala are much cheaper than Goa. In Bali non-residential training is around USD3K-3.5K and on top of that food and accommodation charges. Whereas in Goa you can have residential training for around USD1300 and in Rishikesh and Dharamshala you can get it around USD1000 with accommodation and food.

Above all this teacher plays a big role. Check who the teacher is and what his experience is. What ex-students are talking about him/her? If possible get some contact details of ex-students and talk to them before finalizing.

I hope this helps.



Do you go to regular classes? Just one teacher or several?

Observe your teachers teaching skills, ask questions to the teacher…ask yourself "is this a good teacher? are the adjustments he/she gives helpful/appropriate? are the demos clear? are verbal instructions clear and helpful? is my teacher teaching me or just showing off? does the teacher answer your questions honestly/clearly? "

If the answers you come up with are positive, then ask that teacher where he/she did the training or if he/she can advise you on where to go, what to read etc.

Also when looking for a TTC choose one that asks for some minimum requirements from the attendees such as at least 3 years regular yoga practice, a regular home practice as well as classes, a reading list to be read before start of course.
Check if everyone passes just because they paid for the course…or is there a final exam which some might fail…will you be tested on your teaching skills as part of the course & exam.
Avoid any TTC that allows people new to yoga to join.

Good luck


To add to the above:

Even if you pick at school that doesn’t live up to its reputation, the real learning and application begins after you graduate and then continues.


I agree with yogacambodia. Definitely a solid regular practice needs to be a pre-requiste and I won’t bother with a school that doesn’t ask for it.

Also, do you have an instructor that you really enjoy attending classes with? I would ask him or her where they were trained. And in doing so ask what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they would do differently. Talk to lots of people and instructors that have personal credit with you (you’ve seen their work- or attended their class and seem knowledgeable and experienced)

Again agreeing with Lotusgirl! the learning begins when you start teaching!


Thank you all for your wonderful insight!


A good yoga trainer is one that helps you understand why and how you do the excercis and lets you experience the effects , not only talk talk. You will have to feel a connection with the teacher , a good teacher for one is not the right teacher for the other . You’ll have to be able to open your mind to her/him in order to gain knowledge. Good luck !

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Lots of great advice above :smiley:

Also make sure to read through this guide on “How to choose the best yoga teacher training for you

There are lots of great tips to help you understand what to look for in a teacher as well as a yoga school.


no matter how good the teacher training actually is, if the yoga style or technique applied doesn’t really suit you or not the one you’ve been practicing on, then it would look bad for you. some ppl consider the cheaper price and time, eventually go for the unfamiliar yoga method


So many great answers here!

I agree that finding a teacher you like and then asking where they got their training would be a good start. If your preferred teacher(s) trained in your town or nearby, but not in a studio you are familiar with, go and get a feel for the studio.

One distinct advantage of training in your town, or in a studio near you, is that you will have a good chance of getting your own class after you complete your training requirements, or perhaps the studio will support you as a teacher-in-training, and this makes that first step into teaching much less daunting.

All the best to you! Do what you love!


This has to be an objective question, cause you can say a yoga teacher is good just because you have a mutual understnding or maybe a close a friend then thatll change your perspective of a good teacher.

  • A good yoga teacher, is sensitive with his/her studens feeling both mentally and physcally
  • A good yoga teacher, is someone that has only one goal and it is for the welfare of his/her students.
  • A good yoga teacher is a giver, generous not with any material thing but time.

These are just some of the characteristics of being a good yoga teacher.


Learning and practicing yoga is also a spiritual experience and hence it requires the right environment. A yoga school located in a peaceful location and stress-free environment is best to pursue yoga teacher training.
Personal attention matters the most when you are learning yoga or anything for that matter. In a really big batch, yoga teachers and trainers are not able to give personal attention required to master the complex art. The batch size has to be optimum, not too small and not too large…


Dear EbonyYogi,
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Is there anyone who tell me how to check real reviews of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh ?