How Wearing Organic Clothing is Good for the Environment

Organic yoga clothing is becoming more widely available every day. Though the styles and materials are what lend it to be dubbed as specifically for yoga, it can be worn most anytime. This is great for your pocket book and closet space, but it actually has a big impact on the environment as well. Organic clothing is clothing that is made from natural fibers from plants such as bamboo, hemp, and cotton. These plants were grown without the use of pesticides, making the clothing organic. Pesticides are not good for the environment, and they can cause a reaction on some sensitive skin.

Purchasing and wearing organic clothing is very eco-friendly. By choosing to wear clothing that is made of natural fibers and free of pesticides, you help create a demand for this type of clothing. This means more plants will be grown without the use of harsh chemicals, causing less harm to be done to the environment. Since a lot of organic yoga clothing is hand-made, it also reduces the use of synthetic materials, which can use harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. Though it may not seem like much, small choices can sometimes have a large impact. If just one person were to switch over completely a dent could be made, or the same could be accomplished in the more likely event that several people switch to wearing just some organic clothing.

I saw some organic cotton yoga pants at the store. I was thinking of getting them. They were really soft. The pants were $24 and shirts $10. I’ll think about it.

How is purchasing organic yoga clothing eco friendly considering all of the embodied energy that goes into its production, shipping, etc?

It’s not.

It’s just not quite as bad. But make no mistake, you’re still harming the environment.

It’s better than wearing plastic.

If you buy items with high embodied energy, you in essence are wearing plastic considering how much petroleum went into its production and shipping to its final destination. We just like to delude ourselves so we can justify our materialism and consumerism.

What do you mean by embodied energy?

My apologies, I should have linked to it in my first reply:

Ah very interesting. Thanks for the link. Well until I can 100% make my own clothes, which will hopefully be soon, I’m trying the best I can. I’m hoping organic clothes aren’t dyed with any bleach? I’m horribly allergic and I’m wondering how much clothes that are bleached before I buy them are effecting that.

Organic is always better than synthetic, and I am talking not about clothes only. As for the outfits, I purchase natural fabrics due to ashro customer service , this brand is rather affordable and good.