How will you start your day?

Hello, my name is Lkahn and im a newbie here. I just want to know how will you start your day without stress and have a very calm attitude, because i don't know if yoga is applicable for me due to my heavy weight. I heard a lot about yoga but i don't know how to start.

I do Qigong in the morning

hi there SCMT, what is Qigong? Im sorry but i really don't have any idea how to start yoga. Thank you.

I do Dhyana (Meditation) every morning. I do this everyday to relieve my anxiety and remove all the negative energy that was inside me. I usually do this while i was listening to music as part of my meditation therapy which also help me to relax and let go on my anxiety.

I start practise bed yoga or can say some gentle stretching when wake up in the morning almost everyday or alternate day.
Yoga definitely bring me benefits.

If you have no idea how to start, maybe you can refer to some yoga video in you tube or more better is going to attend class & learn from yoga teacher.

After wash, I will walk for 5-10 minutes, then start YOGA.

Starting your day stress free while maintaining a calm attitude throughout can be achieved in a variety of ways. According to recent studies regarding "how to achieve positive optimal brainwave states', the findings suggest that the "first couple of minutes upon awakening" in the morning are the prime opportune moments to suggestively program your subconscious mind.

I can attest to the validity of this "positive" programming technique. Every morning for the past several years, upon rising, I have purposefully repeated a set of stress free calming affirmations to myself, over and over again. After a few minutes of this I generally proceed to my meditation space (a corner within my bedroom), and begin meditating on those very same affirmations again for approximately 5 minutes.

I've discovered that when I do this with the accompaniment of some soothing meditation music, the recitation of the affirmations seem to transcend my conscious state and I experience, what I can only describe as an affirming feeling and sense of "real" peace, calmness, and confidence. Why this works??...I honestly haven't a clue...I just know it seems to work. Since starting this quick practice, my days for the most part have been peaceful, stress-free, and abundantly confident. I'd have to say without a doubt the 10 minutes or so that I have spent doing this every morning have paid off abundantly in many areas within my life!!!

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Here's One of the best ways to start your day!!!


Qigong < click and read

My day is starting with yoga. i'll suggest you to start your day with yoga too. In yoga height,weight,young,old does't matter. There is some benefits i wanna share with you. If you will only do Sun salutation everyday 10 rounds it will Improves self awareness, flexibility, agility and strengths
:black_small_square: Relieves fatigue, lethargy, stiffness, tensions and pain
:black_small_square: Increases stamina and builds positive energies
:black_small_square: Develops mind focus, alertness and confidence
:black_small_square: Reduces negative energies, excess weight and burns toxins.
And for stress and calm attitude u need to meditation. It's so simple too u need to only focus on breathing. In one month you will feel good changes inside you.

I start my day with basic warm ups and then proceed with Surya namaskar yoga where 12 sequence of yoga asanas helps in body flexibility. I do 15 rounds of Sun salutation for healthy start up which increases blood circulation to head. Then for 5 minutes, I do Plank pose which I prefer to correct my body posture and followed by Meditation which deeps mind to start the day.

In the morning the very first thing i do is to practice the yoga which gives me the energy to feel active for the whole day. After the yoga asanas i eat a healthy breakfast which gives me energy to do my office work and other schedules.

Still trying to find my place my choices are random while in the past primarily focused on Ashtanga now open to other options.

I start with Surya Namaskar for 12 rounds. Then 20 rounds of Tibetan Kriya. It takes 45 minutes. It gives the physical fitness. Then I go for a 30 minutes meditation. It gives the mental fitness that needed for the day. After that a Japa of 3 Malas. You may refer the online resource of yoga philosophy.

Generally start with a warm up, then yoga and then Taijiquan