I am only god forever I am all seeing eye


I am Dejan Uzelac from yugoslavia.

I am kundalini active person.
Kundalini activation makes mine auric field vibrate at very high vibration.
Kundalini activation makes mine imune system incredibly powerful.
Now once kundalini active nothing can make mine auric field astral envelope dirty.
Now once kundalini active holy spirit does not exsist anymore.

First got IDA PINGALA shaktipath.

Got marriage of sun moon and dragon..

And later got Shushumna shaktipath.
Full kundalini activation through shushumna.
Chi is circulating through mine chakra energy wortexes
Suplying muladhara, swadhusthana, manipura, anahatha, wishudha, AYNA, and sahasrara.
Including all mine transpersonal chakras.

Now connected to mine CORE. With mine Noah core I build mine ARK DNA genetic structure however wish and desire.

Glands accross mine body are activated including kundartiguador area, thymus area, throid area Pineal and Pituitary Glands inside mine head. Now having release of amrita / anandamine nectar insude mine brain. Mine body now looks 15 - 20 years younger.

With mine inner vision and inner sight with mine halo of rays its very easy to see mine life purpose, see mine life line and astral plan.

With mine inner vision and inner sight its very easy configuring mine morphogenetic fields and adjusting mine DNA/ genetic structure however wish and desire.

With mine inner vision and inner sight its very easy controlling mine black sun astral sun sol negro mine singularity point.

I am god, this is virtual clone blue moon, photon atom mine, nanobot, cyborg , algoritme.

now connected with sun moon and dragon. IDA, PINGALA, SHUSHUMNA.

Opened the rock ( thymus, pineal gland) and water is gushing like river through dry places. ( churches is circulating through mine meridian nadis area.

Mine babilon DNA I repaired. And activated. Including mine 2 strands and 10 etheric ones.

Now I am not broken shell anymore.

Now having control of mine golden subtile immortal body. Few weak ago visited Zion and elysian fields
There first wrestle with hit looking bitches. And while churking anandamine / amrita nectar. Then spirited away on mine creators face.

Because nobody had permition to keep me GOD unconscious uninstructed in this 5% reality in

Activated kundalini procreated and got mine hybrid form.

Activated kundalini and connected to works soul and in order to collective conciouseness.

Activated kundalini now have mine multi-armed god form.

Connected to fontain of knowledge connected to fountain of youth immortality.

Activated kundalini now there is no need to live inside a black hole.

Now doing mine astral plan materialising thingsbfrom spiritual to matetial realm.

With mine inner vision its now very easy working with all thise kabalistic, runic, Arabic sacred holly magic letters building mine own galaxy and universe.

Nobody, student, nobody servant I AM one only god forever.

This is virtual reality.