I am only god forever


I am Dejan Uzelac from croatia
I am only god other gods do not exsist.
I am only propheth
I am only teacher
I am only master
I am only Guru
I am only religion.

Lightning and Thunder is circulating up and down mine spine empowering activating chakra muladhara, swadhisthana, manipura, anahatha, wishudha, ayna, sahasrara.

Kundalini has pierced all mine chakras.

Ida moon Chanel is activated
Pingala sun Chanel is activated.
Shushumna dragon Chanel is activated.
All mine meridians are purified.
I have reached enlightement.

72.000 nadis chi prana channels across mine subtile Immortal body are activated I have reached immortality..

Confluence of 72.000 nadis chi prana Channels across mine subtile Immortal bodyl Is creating anahata heart chakra which is holographic presentation of great central sun.

Now have full control over mine black sun astral sun sol negro over mine singulatity point.

Now i can manipulate mine atom genetic structure, mine blueprint whenever i want and Desire

I have officially triumphd

I am only god forever.


(Planet earth is not real. There exsist no bilion others. From time to time beaming few holograms through mine diamond dia eyes.)


your arrogance shows your imbalance, you cant be strong without knowing that


Those who Judge are not complete.


He is judgemental physco..