I am water


I exist forever.
I am one
in all.

I live in the mist
of eons,
emanated from
The One.

I move freely.
obstacle,I go
to the sky,

I can’t be compressed,
I take my space.

I dance the dance
of my ancestors,
of old ones,
ancient music lives in me-
my dance-

in the sky, space.
I dance my dance
and laugh -and
live - my life,
giving Life,
taking Life.

I dance inside all living beings,
in blood and muscles,
sinews and bones,
it feels so good,
so gooood…
to dance…

moving within life,
giving and taking.
I am Life.
I am Water.

I rise,
-go deep.
I am the beginning and end
of all,
alpha and omega,
the source…
and destruction…

I dance Elemental Dance,
-ancient dance,my dance,
and it feels so gooood…

Your loved ones,
humans and animals alike-
live in me.

Look within,there I am-
look behind,you see me-
wherever you look-
there I am-

Giver and Holder,
I am Water.


All of my poems are merit of my spiritual Teacher.
This is my gratitude to Suba.
Thank you.
Blessed be.


Good one! love it! can i borrow to share?


Thank you.
Yes,share freely :slight_smile:


Beautiful. I like it.
Let’s play the didjeridoo as background music.


The creator is the created