I can't ground through my sitbones


Hello, I'd like to ask about some nerve damage I have (I don't really know if it's nerve damage since doctors are no help but it seems like nerve damage to me).

Anyway, it has caused me to lose the ability to ground through my sitbones (and hence can't properly ground through my legs and feet when standing/walking).

It doesn't cause too many problems really, I have to shuffle around (when doing sitting asanas) to get things internally feeling right for the stretch. In a lot of forward bending poses where the legs are brough in close to the body, I lose balance and fall forward since my weight goes that way and I can't ground.

I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of anyone with this problem before and if there is any advice that you could offer, perhaps some asanas that could help to assist with ground through the sitbones?

Thank You


You surely have back pain issues and that is why when you are practicing Ashtang, you develop it more.

[Slight back pain when in bed (caused by yoga?)]


Hello Astralogic,

I have to admit that never in my life have I come across this type of problem (I've been a yoga instructor for more than 20 years).
I would suggest scheduling a short physiotherapy session (6 sessions max).
Back pain issues tend to rise a lot in many different ways while practicing Ashtanga yet I still recommend checking this problem with another professional doctor.

Here is a short video that helps exercise your sit bones: Sit bone Video