I heard about a Yogini


I heard about a yogini.
She was sitting down enjoying the breeze while her laundry dried on the line.

A pride of lions came,
passing by the yogini:
they ate her family.

The lions’ appetites being filled,
they laid around the yogini,
under her shade,
and fell asleep.

After days of playing around her,
and the babies being loved,
the pride took the yogini in.

For years they lived in peace,
respecting each other’s ways
and enjoying each other’s presence.

Then one day
a younger lion came in ?
a wild lion,
and chased the king away.

Having dispatched the king and his cubs,
the new leader came over to the yogini.
She just sat there
with a knowing smile on her face.

Opening her arms,
the young lion
tore off
her face.


One moment is Eternity.

There are many moments,
good,nice, bad and in between.

In writing a poem,
choosing a moment of destruction,
but not despair-is motivation to think.

Is peaceful co-existence impossible?
Or acceptance?

There is no goal line,
Life is self-sufficient.

Why young lion tore off her face?
Why young lion didn’t bow down
in reverence?

Did yogini
offered herself

Called young lion to fulfill the Circle of Life?-Of course.
Or,was it just misunderstanding?

One day,
young lion will be old.

“Gaudeamus igitur
juvenes dum sumus.
Post iucundam iuventutem,
post molestam senectutem,
nos habebit humus”.

Intriguing poem.


Many Blessings 2 U Friend.