I need help to do my job honorably


Namaste everyone,
my name is Daniel, I’m 36, living in Buenos Aires. I’ve practiced hatha yoga for a few years, then found a Bhagavad Gita and associated with devotees who taught me bhakti yoga. Now I’m not as fixed in my bhakti yoga practice, but I do my best to practice yama and niyama, as well as basic asana and mantra meditation.
That being said, I work for a company that sells flexibility training programs for dancers, gymnasts, martial artists and… yes… “yogis”.

My question is, I know that yoga is not what most people think, and maybe not what my company is selling, I’m in charge of posting on the company’s Facebook page, and my obligation is to post stuff that bottom line sells… how can do this with integrity? I can’t seem to find what our audience on this page would like, so my job is not being accomplished. If I post about flexibility, so many people comment harshly “yoga is not flexibility” (I’m putting it nicely…), if I make more traditional yoga posts, products don’t sell.

I have to make a daily post calendar. To summarize, what should I post on this page? What do “yoga people” like?

Thank you so much.