I started an organic yoga fashion brand and I REALLY NEED YOU!


I'm pretty new at this forum so first of all I wanna say hi to the community and say I'm pretty stoked I found this forum! It seems like people treat each other with respect and help each other out.

To get straight to the point, we recently launched samsara yoga shirts and it's been an amazing time so far, although we came across same difficulties.
So it would be really awesome if you guys could take a minute out of your day and tell me your opinion on my designs.

If you wanna check my website click here!


So thank you guys a lot!


Starting your own organic yoga fashion brand sounds like a fantastic endeavor! It's awesome that you are prioritizing sustainability and health. Remember to stay persistent and true to your values as you build your brand. Keep an eye out for competition, especially from big names like shein uk . But with dedication and a genuine connection to your audience, you've got this! Best of luck on your journey!