Ida & Pingala nadi

Over 30 years ago I started to both see and feel part of my Pingala nadi, though back then I didn't know what it was. In 2018, I was meditating in the gardens of Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute and there I also began to see and feel the Ida channel.
Since then, I can virtually constantly feel the 'river of pulsing rings' that travel up and down this 'one and the same' channel. I understand that it begins beneath Muladhara and travels upwards in between the chakras (and other energy centres) to above Sahasrara before traveling downwards. It is perpetual, never slowing or accelerating, constant in frequency. I have spent many years studying inner subtle reality and have found contradictions between what is taught and believed about the I&P and what I experience and see. I also understand its direct association to Kundalini.
I appreciate this is a yoga page & that my input here may seem misplaced but I have searched for years to find anyone else, anywhere that can see and feel their I&P nadi; and would welcome conversation in this regard. It seems that very, very few people have this perception - or else I am looking in the wrong places. If you have heard of or know anyone anywhere... I would be thankful for your input.
Kind regards