I'm looking for a good guided meditation DVD


I would like the person’s voice to be very soothing. I have some by Rodney Yee, which I love. Suggestions?

I’m working on inner as well as physical healing. It’s time to peacefully truly become one with all that is.

Peaceful mind, peaceful heart, peaceful essence.



You may want to explore this:


You can try this video:



Thank you both. I will check them out.


[QUOTE=yarnspinner6;61786]Thank you both. I will check them out.[/QUOTE]

Dear friend:

Any meditation aids would mean processing those inputs mentally, impressions of which could impair true meditation.

Instead, you could try these simple steps known as the [B]Introductory Practice of Mahayoga[/B], by which the mind is engaged in our higher aspect known as [I][B]Prana-Shakti[/B][/I] or the divine life-current keeping us alive.

Our breathing, which happens automatically is due to the grace of this [I][B]Prana-Shakti.[/B][/I] The body becomes useless the moment this [I][B]Prana-Shakti[/B][/I] or the divine life current leaves the body.

[I][B]Prana-Shakti[/B][/I] is the higher [B]and[/B] divine aspect within us. Hence for meditation to happen, the mind should just devotedly follow movement of Divine [I][B]Prana-Shakti[/B][/I] i.e. the movement of Air, automatically entering or leaving the body.

The steps are as under:

[li]Sit in any comfortable position.
[li][B]Calmly[/B] close the eyes and [B]relax[/B] the body to the maximum possible.
[li][B]Allow[/B] automatic breathing to take place. The movement of Air automatically entering or leaving the body is of course the movement of divine [I][B]Prana-Shakti.[/B][/I] For three minutes or more, simply [B]let[/B] the mind follow [B]Mother Air[/B] entering and leaving the body.
[li][B]Do not[/B] impose any kind of breathing. In fact, also[B] allow any other involuntary movements or sensations to take place.[/B]

Regular practice will lead to experience of inner peace and meditation will happen. You need not [B]“do”[/B] it.

regards, anand


Anand Kulkarni

Thank you for your input. I already know how to meditate. Have been doing so for years. Guided meditation does help, at least for me at times. It’s the soothing voice of someone. We each find our way to what works. As with all things is no “one” right way.


Dear friend:

Of course, I agree. But by following these steps, meditation “happens” spontaneously. Just give it a try? For a few minutes?

regards, anand


You’re not hearing me. I already know that of which you speak. A soothing voice is like good soothing music. I’m in the process of deep healing. Namaste.


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You can try the Mysterious Reiki he’s so enigmatic