Injured while practicing yoga!


Hi!! I’m 26 years old and I have started practicing yoga a few weeks back. One of my friends suggested undergoing yoga daily will help me to focus and also to relax. I’m under stress because of my job. The management has changed and I’m finding difficult to cope up with the new rules and strategies. I even thought of quitting the job. I haven’t slept peacefully for many days and this has resulted in dark circles under my eyes. After seeing my miserable condition, my friend suggested undergoing yoga.
I felt relieved after doing yoga and I continued to do it daily. I was able to smile like before and also I got good sleep after a while. Everything was going fine. But recently, when I was practicing yoga, I injured myself. There was slight pain and I kept ice pack and also applied ointment. I felt relief after some time. But the next day, when I started practicing yoga, I find it difficult to stretch and also I experienced severe pain. It’s been two days after the incident and I’m still under the pain. I took painkillers to get relief. I have heard that yoga can ease the pain but why is it not working in my case?
One of my neighbors suggested undergoing physiotherapy treatment from Richmond Hill. She said that it can improve the flexibility and range of motion. Isn’t it similar to yoga? What is the difference between yoga and physiotherapy?


Yoga works wonder for orthopedic and neuromuscular issues.

Reading you query, I realized you wrote story about yourself and hardly wrote anything about nature and symptoms of injury in detail which you are seeking solution for.


Yoga is not a sport, is a path to God. A path to illumination.
I believe u need to learn to relax ur mind and body, thats all.
When u come home from job, go to the park, take walk, try to catch all things arround you. Listen the wind, enjoy the sun rays, listen the birds song, try to feel the nature. Buy something u like, be a kid again.:grinning:
Because of our jobs, sometime we are very tense, so we need to do things which we like very much.
Mental relaxation is good for mind, and for sleep also, and physical relaxation is for body.
Try to find joy and happiness all around you.


Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability.